Firm Overview

Mill Street Research is an independent research provider that offers investment advisory services to institutional investors.

We have a unique approach to research, based on the market views and overall investment outlook of the company’s founder and Chief Strategist, Sam Burns, CFA. Sam has extensive experience as a market strategist, providing analysis and commentary to institutional investors globally. Here are some highlights from Sam’s bio:

  • Over 25 years of experience in financial markets and investment research

  • Started as an Assistant market strategist at J.C. Bradford & Co. before earning his MBA at the University of Texas at Austin

  • Later joined Ned Davis Research Group as a Senior Analyst

  • Sam worked as a senior strategist at other leading firms including Brown Brothers Harriman and State Street Global Markets

  • More recently, Sam worked for Oppenheimer & Co. where he began producing the latest version of the stock selection tool known as MAER

  • Founded Mill Street Research LLC in 2016, an RIA based in the suburbs of Boston, MA