The Weekly Roundup

Mill Street Research also provides The Weekly Roundup as an offering for retail clients, a separate product from our institutional service. The Weekly Roundup is published weekly and highlights  selections from our long-standing institutional research product suite.

The report provides updates and ideas from three components of Mill Street’s research:

Stock ideas based on our MAER stock selection model

We list 20 highly-ranked stocks as potential buy ideas and 20 low-ranked stocks as avoid/sell ideas drawn from our multi-factor MAER ranking of the US large- and mid-cap constituents of the Russell 1000 index. And in the Chart Appendix linked in the report, we also include the MAER charts for all highlighted stocks that show the five-year trends in earnings estimates, relative returns, and valuations for each stock.

Updates of our Short-Term Risk Model

Which is our key multi-indicator timing model for high-risk vs. low-risk assets (stocks vs bonds) with a 1-3 month horizon. In addition to the overall model reading, the report shows the current scores for the eight component indicators and highlights the indicators currently having the biggest impact on the model

Concise topical macro commentary

Each week we highlight key macro data and perspectives, covering topics like Fed policy and interest rates, macroeconomic trends, commodity prices, currencies, investor sentiment, and anything else that investors may be focused on.

The Weekly Roundup offers selected elements from the much broader institutional research platform that may be of interest to individual investors, or institutions looking for another way to sample the product.

The price of just $50/month makes it a much more affordable option compared to the prices paid by institutional investors. And readers who like what they see in the Weekly Roundup but want more are encouraged to contact us to discuss access to the full product suite described on the Services page.

To subscribe, click the link below to enter your credit card information into the secure form. You will receive the Weekly Roundup every Monday morning delivered to the email address you provided.

If you have any questions about your subscription, or if you would prefer to subscribe for three months or more and be invoiced, just contact us at