Cyclical sectors still have the fundamental momentum

One of the biggest questions we have been getting from clients is “is it time to rotate out of Cyclical/Value sectors toward Growth (or Defensive) sectors?”. Based on our measures of fundamental earnings momentum and macro views, our answer is “not yet”.

There has certainly been rotation in relative returns among Cyclical/Value and Growth sectors recently, along with worries about when the Fed or fiscal policy will shift to a less supportive stance. Our view is that corrections or consolidations after large gains (on an absolute or relative basis) are healthy and to be expected, and that is likely what we are seeing in the Value/Growth relative performance recently.

Cyclical sectors still dominating globally on earnings trends

As we discussed in our last commentary, analysts continue to raise earnings estimates broadly as companies keep beating consensus expectations. Expectations of additional fiscal spending and ongoing easy monetary policy along with progress toward re-opening of the economy are key macro drivers, while certain sectors such as Energy and Financials which had been areas of weakness in pre-COVID and immediate post-COVID times are now contributing more positively to the earnings outlook. This is true in the US and also globally.