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Providing institutional investors with high quality, independent Global Portfolio Strategy, Asset Allocation, and Quantitative Stock Selection research


Mill Street Research is a boutique consulting and research company focused on providing high quality, independent Global Portfolio Strategy, Asset Allocation, and quantitative stock selection research to their clients.

The firm provides proprietary quantitative data and rankings as well as tools and commentary to help institutional investors make better asset allocation and stock selection decisions.


The firm provides a suite of consistently updated research reports and data for institutional investors covering asset allocation, country allocation, sector and industry selection, equity factor analysis, and a robust quantitative stock selection process.

The Monitor of Analyst Earnings Revisions (MAER), a stock selection tool based on earnings revisions, is utilized in their aforementioned areas covered.


The firm publishes six to eight research pieces monthly updating investors on the various models and provide commentary relating the indicators to current market and economic trends.

Additional special reports and commentary are published periodically based on market activity and client interests. Clients may also request access to Mill Street’s Model Portfolio Service as well as consulting services.

Sam was recently interviewed on Forward Guidance with Jack Farley on November 3, 2023 to discuss his market and economic outlook.

Mill Street’s Chief Strategist, Sam Burns has made television and podcast appearances on various media outlets including BlockWorks, RealVision, TD Ameritrade Network, Yahoo! Finance, as well as

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