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That’s a BIG Apple

14 December 2021 There have been a number of headlines recently highlighting the extraordinary market capitalization being awarded to Apple Inc. (AAPL), which has retaken the title as the world’s most valuable publicly-traded company. The company’s value is now approaching…
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Vaccine news brought record style rotation in stocks

The headlines on Monday (Nov. 9th, 2020) from Pfizer announcing favorable early results in their COVID-19 vaccine trials, while certainly welcome, clearly caught investors off guard. While the major indices were either up or flat on the day, there was…
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Relative volatility risk in US small-caps remains high

Among the various asset allocation decisions for which we provide guidance to clients is whether to favor small-caps or large-caps (i.e., the “size” factor) within the US equity market. In our view, small-caps do not reliably outperform large-caps consistently over…
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